What are hemorrhoids?

Tips to relieve and cure hemorrhoids
In this section we will give you a series of tricks, tips and guidelines to treat hemorrhoids, prevent or relieve them. Diet, exercise or common causes, that will be of great help to end them once and for all. Take note!

What are hemorrhoids? Hemorrhoids are one of the most common health problems in the population. People usually have qualms about talking about this ailment but the truth is that it is suffered by many people who silently seek nearby natural alternatives to solve this discreetly and effectively.

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Causes of hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are usually produced by subjecting the rectal area (portal vein) to certain pressures or stresses that often occur especially due to constipation but may also be due to other common causes such as:

Hereditary digestive problems
Spending too much time sitting down
Poor diet
Lack of exercise or being overweight

It is a venous inflammation in the rectum or anus that can be produced by different causes but often due to poor diet, insufficient exercise or constipation, causing pressure in the portal vein.

This problem affects both men and women (about half of the world population suffers from hemorrhoids before they’re 50 years old). Hemorrhoids are varicose veins, ie, dilated veins in the anal region. They can be internal (inside the anus) or external (under the skin around the anus).

It is possible that the symptoms of hemorrhoids may not appear for quite some time, but when they get inflamed they cause pain, itching, burning or other discomfort. Sometimes, especially after ingesting substances such as alcohol or spicy foods, they can cause bleeding, and eventually bring even more serious complications.

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